Winky and Doodah tell a joke

During the Rehearsals for the Oxford Playhouses xmas production of Robin Hood, Winky and Doodah got a little bored in the dressing rooms.

Dragon Eye Blink in Skull Test

I temporarily placed the finished eye blink mechanism in the fiberglass dragons head.

Puppet Eye Blink Practise build

This is a practice eye blink I made with scraps I had laying around, i wanted to prototype and experiment without spending a fortune on costly materials. this is a very simple finger trigger blink.

Chicken Puppet Making of for Babe

Last year i built a complex cockerel puppet for outdoor touring theatre company ¬†Illyria, ( for their UK and Netherlands Tour of Babe. I just thought i would share a few photos of the building process which was long and frustrating but very re warding. [fbalbum url=”″]    

Digital Dino Banner

New Digital Portrait

Another little digital portrait i did for a friend. Using sketchbook pro and my samsung note 10.1

7 Puppets in 7 Days!!!

Helelelelelllloooo In the last 7 days I was tasked with making 7 puppets for the Oxford Playhouses Xmas panto Robin Hood (in which I’m also playing Little John see for details). The puppets had to be over sized flappy mouth versions of: Punch, Judy, Croc, The Sheriff, Guy of …

Tarot Cards

Some digital sketches of gay themed Tarot Cards